1975 George Pettus LION'S PRIDE
1976 R Wild KNOCKOUT
1977 Lloyd Schoonover KANSAS GOLD
1978 W. Marley MOON LANDING
1980 L. Lenington WINE DELIGHT
1981 George Taylor COPPERHEAD
1982 R.S. Mannoni CARMI
1983 Oscie Whatley CARONDOLET
1984 Lloyd Schoonover NICHOLAS LEIGH
1986 Wilma Bryant WINTER BALLET
1987 George Taylor BILLY ED
1988 Wilma Bryant FANTASY WORLD
1989 Frank Kropf ZELLA VIRGINIA
1990 Russell Morgan KRIS GARST
1991 George Taylor RUTH BROWN
1992 George Taylor KATHRYN SUMMERS
1993 Elvan Roderick PICTURE PRETTY
1994 Rose McClarren ARIEL ROSE
1996 Rose McClarren CHERYL RAE
1997 Marvin Shepherd GRANDSON ISAAC
1998 Al Apsher LITTLE PEEP EYE
1999 Dale Satterwhite WESTERN WALTZ
2000 Elvan Roderick CHEROKEE PASS
2001 Tom McClarren CHEEKS BLUSHING
2002 Vern Apsher IONA PINK PROMISE
2003 Tankesley-Clark KASHAN
2004 Oscie Whatley RAM
2005 Dennis Mitchell KAYLA'S SONG
2007 Bob Tankesley-Clarke TRICKSTER
2009 Dave Niswonger QUEST FOR BRILLIANCE
2010 Dan White A GREEN DESIRE
2011 Dave Niswonger GASPING FOR BREATH
2013 Patti Waterman GOTHIC QUILLS
2014 Kathy Krattli MARY LOU FARROW
2015 Michael Bouman BIBLE GROVE
2016 Patti Waterman DEVELOPING STORY

RULES for the Region 11 Hybridizers Award

Adopted by Region 11 Membership 2003
Rules clarified by the Region 11 Board 2014

The Region 11 Hybridizer’s Award shall continue as follows, for 2004 and all future years, unless and until subsequently modified by the membership.

1. Each year at the Regional Meeting, a contest will be held to choose the favorite cultivar showing the best overall characteristics as determined by the voters.

2. The award is a plaque, to be presented to the hybridizer of the chosen cultivar.

3. The name of the cultivar, the name of the hybridizer, and the year of the award will be inscribed on the award after the Regional Meeting and presented at a later date. If the hybridizer is not living at the time of the presentation, the award will be given posthumously to the closest heir.

4. The Chairman of the host society will appoint a local member to be responsible for marking all eligible cultivars in each tour garden. The marking should be clear and uniform in all tour gardens.

5. This same award chairman will be responsible for collecting and counting the ballots, whose preparation and distribution is the responsibility of the host society. A designated time and place for collecting ballots will be announced early in the meeting. (It is recommended that bus captains collect ballots during the return trip to the host hotel following the last garden tour.)

6. The results of the balloting, listing the winner, first and second runner-ups will be handed—prior to the beginning of the business meeting—to the Regional President, who will then announce the results during the business meeting.

7. Any registered attendee of the Region 11 Regional Meeting is eligible to vote. In the event that the Regional Meeting is part of an AHS National Convention that is coincidentally being held at the same time, and in the same location, of the Region 11 Regional Meeting, all registered attendees of the National Convention are eligible to vote.

8. For a cultivar to be eligible for the award, it must meet all the following requirements. It must:

a. Have been registered with the AHS during the year of the Regional Meeting or during any of the ten calendar years prior to the Regional Meeting. (Example: 2004 through 2014)

b. Have been hybridized by a person living within Region 11 at the time of registration or by an AHS member in a state bordering Region 11 whose AHS membership is classified as “Region 11” at the time of registration, and have been registered during the hybridizer’s lifetime. Cultivars registered posthumously are ineligible. The cultivar need not have been hybridized within Region 11. The cultivar need not be registered by the hybridizer nor by a person living in Region 11.

c. Have been seen during the Regional Meeting, in bloom, by the voters in at least one of the official tour gardens, in an established clump of at least three full-size fans.

d. Not have previously won the award.

Region 11 Hybridizer Award Language for Regional Meeting Handbooks
Adopted by the Region 11 Board in 2014

The Region 11 Hybridizer Award is given annually for the most outstanding cultivar created by a Region 11 hybridizer. Anyone registered and in attendance at the Region 11 Summer Meeting is qualified to vote. Rules:

• Hybridized by a person living in Region 11 at the time of registration or by an AHS member in a neighboring state who is declared “Region 11” in AHS membership records. (Doesn’t matter where hybridized, by whom registered, or whether the hybridizer died after the cultivar was registered. Cultivars registered posthumously are ineligible.)

• Registered in the current year or in the preceding ten calendar years (example: 2004-2014)

•Cultivar must be a clump of at least 3 fans in at least one official tour garden

•Same cultivar can’t win more than once

•Eligible plants will be marked in the same manner in all official tour gardens


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