REGION 11 Service Award Winners
(The Mavis Smith Award)

[awarded by Region 11]


Mavis Smith Award Guidelines

The Service Award resolution calls for nominations to be accepted from AHS members of Region 11 and for nominations to be solicited in the fall Regional Bulletin.
In accordance with that resolution, here are the rules for nominating someone for the Mavis Smith Service Award:

  1. The nominator (that's you) must be an AHS member who lives in Region 11.
  2. The nominee (that's the person to receive the award) must be an AHS member.
  3. The nominee must live in Region 11.
  4. The nominee must be living at the time of the nomination.
  5. The nominee must not have received the Mavis Smith Service Award previously.
  6. Only one person may be honored in anyone year; however, couples or families who have jointly served the Region may be jointly honored.
  7. Nominations must include the name and address of the Region member being nominated, the name and address of the member submitting the nomination, and an explanation of why the nominated member is worthy of consideration for the Mavis Smith Service Award.
  8. You must send the nomination to the chairperson of the Service Award Nominations Committee. For the 2015 award, the chairpersons are:
    1. Steve and Jane Amy
      611 Adam Dr.
      Wamego, KS 66547
  9. Nominations may also be submitted via email to:
  10. The other current members of the committee are Ann Large – Oklahoma and Patti Waterman – Missouri.
  11. All nominations must be postmarked or emailed no later than May 1, 2016. Any nominations received after that date shall be considered for the 2017 award

The Service Award Nominations Committee will screen the nominations for “appropriateness and relative merits" then present its choice from the nominations to the Region 11 Board for acceptance and ratification.
At the Region 11 meeting the selected winner will receive an engraved award to acknowledge the Region's gratitude.
Isn't there someone you want to recognize for exceptional service to the Region?
Previous Mavis Smith Award winners are listed on the Region 11 Web Site


1993       Mavis Smith – MO
1994       Peggy Estes – OK
1995       Dr. Hal Daum – MO
1996       Fred & Jo-An Finke – MO
1997       Bob McConnell – MO
1998       George & Naomi Taylor – KS
2000       Richard Dixon – MO
2001       Betty Marcy – MO
2002       Barbara Dean – OK
2004       John Eiseman – MO
2006       Julie Lea & Chris Parsons - KS
2008       Bob Tankesley-Clarke – MO

2009       Elaine Holmstrom – KS
2011       Steve & Jane Amy – KS
2012       Lois Hart – KS
2014       Betty Coughenour– KS

2015       Ron Azzanni–MO


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