REGION 11 Wilma Award


The Wilma Award was created by the Central Oklahoma Hemerocallis Society in 2006 to honor both Wilma Bryant and Wilma Marley who were Oklahoma hybridizers.  This award is for the best-grown daylily seen in an AHS Region 11 summer meeting tour garden. 

All meeting registrants may vote for this award.  The owner of each tour garden is invited to flag up to three cultivars that have been grown for at least two growing seasons, and that contain three or more fans.  It is suggested that all competing cultivars be flagged identically in all of the tour gardens.

The vote should be for the best-grown daylily and not the garden owner.  COHS perpetually sponsors the Wilma Award and the club president presents an acrylic plaque at the AHS Region 11 meeting to the garden owner in whose garden the best-grown daylily was identified.

Because the same cultivar might be grown in more than one tour garden, the ballot must contain both the name of the daylily and the name of the garden in which the daylily was grown.

Prior to 2006 this award was presented by AHS Region 11 and was known as the Best Grown Daylily Award.


2000       BUTTER DISH, John & Betty Taylor – Wichita, KS
2001        CIMARRON KNIGHT, Phyllis & Tevor Knight, Tulsa, OK
2002        IONA PINK PROMISE, Robert & Helena Franke, St. Louis, MO
2003        SEMINOLE WIND, Maggie & Dale Warren, Topeka, KS
2004        ERIN LEA, Sharia & Ron Bilchik, St. Louis, MO
2005        DECATOR JEWEL, Loreta & Elroy Knoche, Kansas City, MO
2006       CHESTNUT EYES, Edyth & Parker Jenkins, Columbia, MO
2007       SPACECOAST TiNY PERFECTION, Laurie & Nick Barger, Edmond, OK
2008      EGYPTIAN IBIS, Sharron & Harry Gregory, Wichita, KS
2009       KWANZA GOLD, Frank Schmeidier & Ralph Diaz, Manhattan, KS
2010       BOUNDLESS BEAUTY, David Hoffman, St. Louis, MO
2011       SALVO, Ken & Jane Sadier, Columbia, MO

2012       CATSPAW SUNRISE SUNSET, Loreta & Elroy Knoche, Kansas City, KS
2013       HEAVENLY ORANGE BLAZE, Randall & Marvel Barron, Bixby, OK
2014       HEAVENLY DARK MATTER, Michael & Kathy Bouman, St. Peters, MO
2015       A GREEN DESIRE, Ruby Zabel, Westmoreland, KS

2016      MARS ATTACKS, Diane Cook, Wichita, KS


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